Unyoked speak my language. They provide unique, off the grid cabin retreats across Victoria and New South Wales with a strong focus on disconnecting, adventure and retreating into nature.

I've had the pleasure of staying in a couple their cabins and was equally impressed with both. They're equipped with just about everything you need from linen and towels to kitchen utensils, a bar fridge and cookware. Not to mention each cabin is fitted with a generous sized shower and toilet !

You'll find each cabin located off the beaten path and surrounded by the spoils of Mother Nature; providing an equal dose of privacy and tranquility.

The entire booking and post booking process is very clear and easy to follow and I personally really appreciate the fun tone of voice used in their marketing and comms. Whether you're into yoga, hiking, curling up in bed with a good book, gathering around a camp fire or all of the above, the Unyoked experience is worth your attention and I would highly recommend checking them out.