I've been lucky enough to go on a couple of Campervan adventures recently and it has since become my preferred way to travel and explore. For first timers, it can be a daunting and intimidating prospect but I can assure you that it's incredibly easy and rewarding. So to help ease your mind and get you excited before hitting the open road, read on for my top 6 reasons for a Campervan holiday.

1. A greater sense of freedom and control

Road trips are synonymous with a sense of freedom and it definitely rings true when travelling in a Campervan. Not only can you can stop wherever and whenever you want, you're also less reliant on others such as a tour guide or bus driver, which inherently come with restrictions on when and where you can go.

2. Allows flexibility and spontaneity

You won't be chained to a fixed accommodation like a hotel or locked into a rigid itinerary. If you come across a location that you really enjoy and wish to stay longer, you can easily do that. Conversely, if a location disappoints, you can simply move on. If you suddenly receive a "must see" recommendation from a fellow traveller, just crank those tunes and cruise on over. There are many campsite options in Australia so finding a spot to park overnight shouldn't be a problem. Though bear in mind it can get busy during Christmas and Easter Holidays.

3. Take the comforts of home with you

When you choose to travel with an Apollo Euro Tourer Campervan, you'll enjoy the daily comforts of a toilet, shower, double bed, linen, kitchen, cooking utensils and much more; so all you'll need to bring is a change of clothes and a spirit for adventure. It really is like taking your home with you on the road and it's particularly convenient if you have to work on the go as I did.

4. It can be more cost effective

Yes, it costs money to buy/rent and fuel your Campervan but this way of travelling presents opportunities to save money in other areas. Firstly, driving can be cheaper than flying and campsites are much cheaper than hotels. If you download Apollo's smartphone app, you'll be able to easily locate and get directions to the nearest paid and FREE campsites.

Eating out can easily put a giant dent in your pocket while travelling but having the convenience of a kitchen, fridge and microwave means you're more likely to cook your own meals, eat healthy and save a tonne of money at the same time.

5. Community

Whether you're an owner or just renting, you're instantly part of a friendly and like-minded community when holidaying in an RV. Fellow travellers will approach to say hello and it won't be long before you find yourselves having a beer and sharing van life stories with one another.

On one occasion , while parked on the side of the road, I was startled by the honk of a car horn. It was a fellow Apollo Van driver who pulled up beside me to offer a friendly wave before continuing down the road. To put it simply, there's a comradery you won't find when travelling on a plane or regular passenger vehicle.

6. More time to enjoy your surroundings

This is a by-product of some of the benefits mentioned above but I have also found it to be a simpler way to travel. It removes some of the stressful and time consuming tasks such as booking accommodation and the need to have a fully fleshed out travel itinerary. All of these benefits ultimately give you more time to immerse yourself in nature and help create a richer travel experience.